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Welcome To Green Land School

Green Land Convent School run by Sant Kirpal Vidyak Mission(Regd.) is located in Sector-32 Chandigarh Road Ludhiana. The spacious and modern building of the school heralds welcome to entrants owing to its majestic structure. It is surrounded on all sides by its eye catching lush green gardens overflowing with flowers of different hues which permeate their fragrance all around.

Quality Education is the hallmark of Green Land. Our main aim has always been to strive for excellence. Our mission is to help our students realize the social vices prevalent in the society. We strive to create an atmosphere of ideas in this institution, by making provisions for the growth of mind through many creative activities, by making teaching life inspired and life centered. This is done by celebrating Religious and National festivals in the school premises instead of declaring holidays as is the general trend.

Our Branches

Green Land Senior Secondary Public School Green Land Convent School, Dugri Green Land Convent School, Civil City Green Land Convent School, Subhash Nagar


Dear Parents 1. The school will remain closed for Summer Vacation from 21st May, 2016 to 5th July, 2016. However the school office will remain open from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 2. The school will reopen on 6th July, 2016 (Wednesday).

Current news

Inter House Quiz at Green Land Convent Sec-32, Chd Road Ludhiana

The brainstorming session commenced at Green land Convent School Sec-32, Chd Road, Ludhiana when Interhouse Social Science quiz was organized in the school premises. The topic given was ‘Constitution’. The students of all the four houses seemed to be well aware of the different sections of the Constitution. There were four rounds in all, Buzzer round, Audio visual round , Rapid fire round , Question round and audience round. The students answered promptly in all rounds. Jagriti house was adjudged the winner by the panel of judges. Jyoti House and Kirti House remained Ist runner up and IInd runner up respectively. Principal Ms. Vinita Sanan applauded the awareness of the participants and opined that everyone should have knowledge of the sections given in our constitution, only then we can become good citizens of our country.


Green Land Convent School, Sec-32, Chd. Road, Ldh. celebrated ‘Second International Yoga Day’on 21st June, 2016. The various postures of yoga like Vrikshasana, Uttaanaasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadrasana, Shashankaasana, Bhujangasana, PawanaMuktaasana, Pranayama, etc. were done by everyone under the guidance of Sports Teacher with alight pleasant background flute music. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. A Power Point Presentation was shown demonstrating various Asanas and the importance of Yoga in daily life. The Principal of the school Ms. Vinita Sanan said that a regular practice can offer all kinds of mental and physical health benefits. Some, like improved flexibility, are clearly evident. Others, including mental clarity and stress reduction, may be more subtle but are just as powerful. The programme ended with a vote of thanks and the resolution taking ceremony of practicing yoga every day.

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